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Weird Sports in Austin:

Petanque: The French game of throwing metal balls around. Heart of Texas Petanque Club.
Cricket: At last, a game slower than time itself.
Central Texas Cricket Club.

Curling: Brooms on ice. Lone Star Curling Club.


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Bad Guys Get the Trademark

The folks at Absolutely Austin (a.k.a. Nobonz, Outhouse Design, Udamon, etc.), who make most of the T-shirts, hats, and some of the bumperstickers you see, got the trademark for "Keep Austin Weird" in October 2003. We realize most people don't care, and for good reasons. We invented the phrase, did the original bumperstickers, and put up this website before they were out of their diapers, so forgive us for being a touch defensive and probably egotistic.

The real problem with this turn of events is that it points out the boring irony of the entire "movement" (to use a grandiose term). It was a small attempt to counter Austin's descent into rampant commercialism and over-development. Absolutely Austin getting the trademark rather than letting this chicken run free is a sad proof that commercialism is winning. Most people probably think of Keep Austin Weird as a marketing slogan rather than our original attempt to highlight those aspects of our town that are really weird. Making money isn't high on that list.  And they are enforcing the trademark, getting desist orders to folks who were making T-shirts.

Sorry to suck the fun out of this site. If you care, drop us or Absolutely Austin a line with your views. Ignore this. Be weird. Make your own T-shirt or take a look at our new version.

The oversize coffee mugs from this company that say "Keep Austin Weird: Support Local Businesses" are made in China

"Rich people can be eccentric. The rest of us can be weird."
- Frank Zuppo

"Austin has to choose between odd and Mammon."
- Zack Replica

"If the way Austin is going makes you mad, don't get even. Get odd."
- Dr. George Greer


We don't sell T-shirts, hats, condoms, skywriting, etc. Search the web and you will find many who do.

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Keep Austin Weird named cool site.
Thousands of critics leap to their deaths.

Winner in Austin Chronicle's Readers Poll.
(The award in this category was retired.)

People can be so stupid.

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